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Music Theory/Composition Lessons

Music theory and composition students are taught how to read music, about musical structure and how to apply these skills to songwriting.  They are invited to listen to various composers to learn about past and emerging trends in music composition and find inspiration of their own.

Music Theory/Composition Lessons with DoRayMi:

  • Students will be invited to improvise on the piano and record their improvisations
  • They will be taught how to sight-sing in order to learn how to notate any melodies in their head
  • They will learn how music has changed and been influenced throughout history
  • They will learn how to read lead sheets and use stylistic invariants in their playing
  • They will be provided with honest feedback and constructive help on their compositions
  • They will learn how the human brain processes music and how best to capitalize upon this process for the greatest audience appeal.
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