Journal Coaching with DoRayMi

Journal coaching is a method vocal students can use to improve their voice on their own schedule and in private.Communication between the teacher and student is done via email using written analysis intake forms, video and audio recordings.

Benefits to this method:

  • works with any schedule
  • allows for more precise analysis by the teacher because videos can be stopped and rewound to see vocal issues
  • offers the student privacy and allows them to work at their own pace
  • may be used as an add on service for current students who need help with an upcoming audition or performance

Step 1

Students interested in this learning method will be first sent an intake form with questions about their voice they will be invited to complete in as much detail as possible, along with a recorded video (chest level and above) of themselves singing to a karaoke track (most can be found on youtube).

Step 2

Initial 30 minute consult and trial lesson for 19.95 on facetime, skype or google hangouts…to schedule please visit our contact page (linked).

Step 3

If the student wishes to move forward, their video will be analyzed in full.  This process takes about 48 hours.