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The Student Experience

Music Students:

Get more music and more fun out of your weekly music lessons.

We are dedicated to creating a supportive, fully customized piano, voice, and guitar lesson experience for our students. Younger students can expect to learn through play based experiences using movement and improvisation, older students learn how to become musically fluent through hands-on creative activities like simple songwriting, lyric analysis, and more. Students can expect their teachers to be present at every stage of their musical development-from attending performances, recording lessons for students and parents, audition prep and more.  Our goal is to foster a life-long passion for music through students and communities. That means doing more than just being present for a weekly lesson.

Music Lessons that go beyond a weekly time slot.

  • Biannual recitals
  • Opportunities for features in local newspapers 
  • College audition prep and opportunities to connect with real college professors
  • Recorded lessons for your convenience
  • Opportunities to get featured in online student showcase
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