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Rosalind is a great teacher and great to be around!

-Cynthia G.

Excellent Teacher, very professional

-Curly S.

I am thoroughly enjoying working with Rosalind. Looking forward to improving my singing so I can continue performing in my band.

-Brian N

My grandson is taking piano lessons from Rosalind. At first I was wondering about the interaction because he’s shy; but he looks forward to his lessons and practices diligently. I’m sure it’s because of Rosalind’s experience and teaching techniques that makes it so enjoyable for him; she’s very good with children. I’m so glad she was available!

-Debbie W.

I am not your typical student. I am 45, and male. I’m an accomplished guitar player and play in a band. I never had any real training for singing, and had very little control over my voice or really knew how to control it.
[My teacher] has helped me immensely. She is very knowledgeable in music and voice theory, and has very well thought out constructive criticism. She uses a lot of visualization techniques to help with body and breath control. She is patient and understanding and willing to talk through some theory issues, instead of just drilling lessons. Although most of her students are younger, she really thoughtfully catered her lesson to my needs, instead of just trying to apply the same approach to everyone. I would recommend her highly to anyone and will be sending my son for piano lessons!

-Joe W.

[My teacher] was kind and friendly.  She engaged my daughter and used fun imagery to teach exercises.  My daughter, who did not want to go…is very excited to go back!

-Jean H.

Rosalind has been instructing my son for the last few years.  She is pleasant, friendly, capable and encouraging.  She does a great job of advancing her students.  I love that she goes out of her way to find songs that match the kids’ personalities.  I also appreciated her efforts to create a community of students through recital and student showcase profiles.  My son looks forward to lessons.  He practices without being asked and we love hearing him play.  He has come a long way and plays some rather complex songs beautifully!

-Roberta W.

I have a GREAT teacher! My dreams are to perform on stage and get into more music and she is doing everything she can to make that happen for me!  I would recommend her to anyone!

-Sadie S.

Rosalind has been teaching our daughter (now 6 y/o) piano for the last year.  The fact that we are ALWAYS excited about weekly lessons and take the time to practice speaks volumes of her skills-she’s super talented, kind and great with kids (as well as parents)-very easy to work with!

-Pantea M.

Rosalind is an excellent teacher!! Incredibly knowledgable about music in its technicality, she is genuinely interested in advancing your musical abilities. She adapts the curriculum to your needs and presents creative, unique approaches to learning. I would recommend her to anyone who aspires to improve their vocal, piano, or guitar skills.

-Aiyana R.
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