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Piano Lessons

Students Four and up are welcome to take piano lessons. Beginners learn how to read music  fluently and develop correct technique during piano lessons, while intermediate and advanced students expand their technical skills and repertoire, learning everything from classical to popular music  and begin to better understand how music is structured so they can read a piece increasingly more quickly.

Piano lessons for adults Downingtown PA - Beginner piano lessons Thorndale PA and Coatesville PAPiano Lessons with DoRayMi:

  • All lessons are recorded and sent to students within 24 hours so students and parents can see how they are improving each week and remember assignments
  • Young children are encouraged to engage in create exploration on the piano using teacher structured improvisation, music theory games and very simple songwriting exercises
  • Each week beginning students are invited to select songs from given choices relating to the topic they learned in class.  This allows a sense of independence and control for students who are not advanced enough to work outside of a lesson book.
  • More advanced students are invited to choose their own repertoire for lessons in addition to provided music theory and technical books
  • Strong emphasis is placed on music theory skills and sightreading which help students become more fluent, independent piano players.  Music is like learning to read a foreign language at first! Practice makes perfect.
  • Students are taught about the lives and writing styles of various composers alongside the music they learn and invited to watch video performances of their compositions.


Beginner Lessons:

  • 30-minutes: $137 paid monthly
  • 45-minutes: $206 paid monthly
  • 60-minutes: $275 paid monthly

Advanced Lessons:

  • 30-minutes: $150 paid monthly
  • 45-minutes: $215 paid monthly
  • 60-minutes: $300 paid monthly


Beginner Lessons:

  • 30 minutes: 32 dollars per lesson
  • 45 minutes: 48 dollars per lesson
  • 60 minutes: 64 dollars per lesson

Advanced Lessons:

  • 30 minutes: 35 dollars per lesson
  • 45 minutes: 50 dollars per lesson
  • 60 minutes: 70 dollars per lesson
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