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Winter II Session is cancelled due to too few participants. Below is a preview of our class descriptions and recorded music you can listen to with your child that may be used in future classes from what would have been in this session.  Until then, don’t forget to consider Little Music Makers for your private event or holiday children’s party!

Songs are updated on a weekly basis.

Cost of Mommy and Me Music Classes

Parents and attending children can pay one of two ways:

Pre-Registration cost

  • Book ahead by registering for one of our six week long music sessions
  • Cost includes 5 music sessions, and with an optional makeup music class at week 6 if needed
  • Cost is 40 total (for five music classes) for a single child, 50 total for a family
  • A minimum of 8 music students need to register ahead in order for the session to be held. IF fewer than 8 register, the session will be cancelled. Music student registration maxes out at 15.

Drop in rate

  • Drop in to a music class at your convenience
  • Cost is 12 for a single child per class, 8 each for siblings
  • A minimum of 8 students must register for music classes to be held. Please check our facebook page or subscribe to our newsletter for up to date information about our music class status. Registration ends Sept 1st for Fall 1 session.
Register for Little Music Makers

Example Mommy and Me Class Schedule

Class 1: January 19th

Songs About Food

At Home Activity: Follow along with the silly movements mentioned in this song as it describes different foods that rhyme with body parts.

At Home Activity: Follow along with the silly movements mentioned in this song.

At Home Activity: Sing-a-long! Try substituting the word “cookie” for other foods that start with C, such as cucumber, carrot and more.

At Home Activity: Sing-A-Long!  Talk about other foods you and your child likes to eat.

At Home Activity: Follow along with the video and practice making your own “peanut butter and jelly sandwich” to the music!

At Home Activity: Dance Party!  This will be our cool down/scarf play song.



Class 2: January 26th

Songs about Things that Go

Class 3:  February 2nd

Songs about the Holidays

Class 4:  February 9th

Songs about Valentine’s Day

Class 5: February 16th

Songs about Numbers

Class 6: February 23rd (Makeup Class)

Songs about Colors

Reach out to us today for lessons!