Ukulele Lessons with DoRayMi

Our Ukulele Lessons teach students to read both staff and tab music, proper playing technique, chord positions and fingering patterns.

Note: Only beginning ukulele lessons are offered at this time.

  • All lessons are recorded to help students better understand their progress and remember assignments
  • Ukulele teachers will engage students with theory games and simple songwriting exercises to help them become proficient readers
  • Students will have the opportunity to learn to play simple songs of their choosing and read lead sheets
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One on one lessons
  • 30 min: 160 a month
  • 60 min: 300 a month
For small group lessons (2-3 people of the same level and age)
  • 30 min: 90 a month
  • 60 min: 160 a month

We have designated makeup Days at the end of each month on the 29-31.


Students who are unable to pay monthly or schedule a recurring weekly time slot may participate in pay as you go. It is the responsibility of the student to schedule lessons with the teacher on a weekly basis. This form of scheduling does not guarantee a weekly ukulele lesson slot.

  • 30 minutes: 32 dollars per lesson
  • 45 minutes: 48 dollars per lesson
  • 60 minutes: 64 dollars per lesson