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Voice Lessons

For our beginner voice lessons the student learns how to develop their ear and learns to practice correct posture and breathing, while intermediate and advanced students learn to polish their singing technique, expand their vocal range and build their repertoire.  Musicality, mic technique and vocal performance acting will also be discussed.  Many vocal students have gone on to find success getting singing solos in their schools, community theater programs and more.  Hear more about them in Downingtown PA vocal student news.

Vocal training and Voice lessons Downingtown PA, Thorndale PA and Coatesville PAVoice Lessons with DoRayMi:

  • Students will receive recorded warmups at their first music lesson so they can practice without a piano at home.
  • All voice lessons are recorded to help the singer familiarize themselves with their own voice and the sensations in their body when they vocalize
  • Children are provided with playful, sensory experiences using movement and props such as scarves and shakers to help them visualize and create desired sound.
  • Students who have difficulty matching pitch at the start of singing lessons will be provided with an effective ear training technique.  Most begin matching pitch within a couple of months.
  • Older voice students will be comprehensively informed about the anatomy and mechanics of their voice so they can better control their sound independent of their teacher
  • Listening experiences designed to teach students about various stylistic techniques employed by artists of different genres and voice types
  • If a student should wish to learn to sight-sing, they will provided with materials to help them and part of their lesson time will be dedicated to the development of this skill
  • Students will be given a vocal health guide and given vocal hygiene tips
  • Students will be helped with audition prep and their performances will be attended by their teacher
  • Voice teachers will help students find performance opportunities including local vocal competitions, choirs and community theater programs.
  • Students will receive tips for dealing with performance anxiety
  • Students will be invited to participate in duets and small group singing performances at recitals.


  • 30-minutes: $150 paid monthly
  • 45-minutes: $215 paid monthly
  • 60-minutes: $300 paid monthly


Students who are unable to pay monthly or schedule a recurring weekly time slot may participate in pay as you go. It is the responsibility of the student to schedule lessons with the teacher on a weekly basis. This form of scheduling does not guarantee a weekly lesson slot.

  • 30 minutes: 35 dollars per lesson
  • 45 minutes: 50 dollars per lesson
  • 60 minutes: 70 dollars per lesson
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