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Check back to regularly to see lesson tips, events, and more.  DoRayMi Lessons is regularly updated with student accomplishment videos, example lessons, and tips from Rosalind that you can learn from.


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Check back regularly to see the latest & upcoming events and announcements from DoRayMi Lessons! The calendar is regularly updated with all of the information you’ll need to stay up-to-date.

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Music and The Brain

LEARNING A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CAN BENEFIT YOUR BRAIN IN SO MANY WAYS!  HERE ARE JUST A FEW: Improve literacy/reading fluency Increase spatial awareness Improve focus Improve motoric coordination Improve sequencing

Music and Your Toddler

HOW DO MUSIC CLASSES BENEFIT TODDLERS? Music experiences can enhance your child's social skills, literacy and speech comprehension, emotional regulation and more!  These informative reads illuminate the importance of music

8 Reasons to Take Lessons This Fall…

As back to school rolls around, you are probably thinking about your child's education and after school activities. Music lessons are an important supplement to your child's classroom. Here's why

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