Voice Lessons in Exton PA

DoRayMi Lessons offers registration for piano lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons and music lessons for toddlers in Exton PA and the surrounding areas. We offer classes online and/or in your home.

Doraymi lessons inspires students to grow with individualized lesson plans for all ages, abilities and interests. Doraymi offers voice, piano, guitar, songwriting and music theory lessons. Lessons for children are multisensory, immersive experiences that cater to a child’s need to learn through play and help budding young musicians to develop a passion for music. Lessons for adults and teens include opportunities to compete, collaborate and perform in community based events and develop skills needed for successful auditions. Lessons are comprehensive, structured musical instruction that focuses on everything from technique, to vocal anatomy, to music reading, to music history and more. We help students to grow their musical lives inside and outside lessons by giving them all the resources and tools they need to excel. We are special needs friendly!

Voice lessons seek to educate students about the anatomy and technical function of their voice through video and visual resources, structured warmups, discussion and imagery. If you can’t match pitch, don’t worry! We have warmups for all levels that have been highly successful. Students can also expect comprehensive help with auditions and when ready, community performances offered through and outside of the studio.

Piano lessons teach students how to read music, practice sightreading, and good technical habits, self accompaniment skills and more. Younger students will learn about musical history and music appreciation also. All students will have the opportunity to play music they feel passionate about from the start of lessons.

Guitar students learn tab, chords and staff reading. This well rounded reading style allows students to more easily read music for other instruments in the future, work with other instrumentalists and if desired, to write their own music. Guitar students will be given tips and tricks for proper technique when ready. Guitar students can play the music they love after a few lessons.

Songwriting students can expect to learn music theory, improvisation, ear training, music history and how to use music writing software. As the student develops the foundational skills needed to write music (whether by improvisation, understanding chord structure or dictating melodies heard in his head), the lessons will become a discussion with distinct writing assignments. This music is structured based on student preference.

We know that music is about self exploration and expression. Doraymi is about giving students the tools to more perfectly help them express themselves creatively. We are not restricted to a certain goal, lesson structure, genre or style of music. We are here to help you! Your journey is our journey. That’s why Doraymi is music that goes the extra mile.

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Lessons that go beyond a weekly timeslot.

  • Biannual recitals
  • Opportunities for features in local newspapers 
  • College audition prep and opportunities to connect with real college professors
  • Recorded lessons for your convenience
  • Opportunities to get featured in online student showcase